The Question

Why nobody ever has a deck of cards but loves to play card drinking games?

One day while backpacking in Southeast Asia during monsoon season the sky started to roar and suddenly it was pissing down so we had no option but to stay inside.

The hostel had a bar and a bunch of great people so it didn’t really matter. After having a few beers we decided to play a card drinking game but believe it or not nobody had playing cards, not even the lady at the front desk and there is where I thought to myself – how is that possible, out of twenty something people travelling nobody happens to have a half broken deck of cards?

I did have one before which I picked up from a souvenir shop in Prague unfortunately it got stuck to somebody’s fingers at some point on my travels.
At the end we managed to get wasted playing some stupid game which was not the best.

So thats why I came up with this fantastic Circle of Death app which will change your life for ever and now you can even buy our own Circle of Death deck of cards. We ship world wide.

The Answer

Always carry a card drinking game with you


JULY 2016 – IDEA

As awesome as it sounds it is not a solution, how could people carry a drinking game at all times if it’s almost impossible to have a deck of cards around – anyways, it was just an idea


Once more found myself with no aid to get cut while with the boys in Bali so this time we put a plan into action


While living on Phi Phi Island my girlfriend always carried a deck of playing cards in her bag so every time we had a chance we played Circle of Death with customers after diving and they all seemed to love it


For a week all we did in the hostel was play Circle of Death. Did we see the Batu caves? Obviously not! We were too cooked to do anything


Cried like a baby to my mate about the horrible times we couldn’t play Circle of Death thanks to the lack of cards and told her we were going to put a stop to this for good and make the world a better place.


With time to spare and beautiful weather the development of the game began! After several designs, ideas and decisions we are proud to say that we are finally ready to solve this first world problem and make our planet a better place to live


Circle of Death app is launched for iOS, Android and online also the first prototype of real cards arrives at my mates place and we get extremely loose


All the boys are back for new years and the game got tested over and over again. Ryan jumped into the Circle of Death family, changes were made and the first order of 500 decks was placed.